Meetin’ Here Tonite was one of the early specials produced at FBN. It aired live each Friday night on KHOF-TV. The program was co-hosted by Frankie Cardoza, wife of John Cardoza the Production Manager at FBN, and Rick Quintana who had previously worked in the production department at FBN. This program was part of the youth outreach ministry at Faith Center. The theme song consisted of upbeat country style music with the lyrics of, “There’s a meetin’ here tonight.”

The specific program shown in the photos below was produced in the Fall of 1971 and one of the most controversial programs of all of the Meetin’s produced. It featured the traveling youth group called The Continentals that sang contemporary Christian songs mixed with humorous bible story related skits. The music, costumes and hair styles of the singers would have been considered progressive compared to the conservative style many traditional churches of that day were accustomed to.


Opening of Meetin’ Here Tonite that aired on August 27, 1971

Co-hosts Rick Quintana and Frankie Cardoza

The Continentals were made up of talented singers and musicians that also performed to keep their audience riveted

Note the expressions on these team members faces

During the performance of Dry Bones the entire team of singers and musicians came to a sudden halt and froze in position. In the photo on the left note the three girls on the right who are named See, Speak and Hear no evil

A frozen “in position” band is shown in the picture on the right

The girl on the second row sneezed and got them unfrozen

Another comical part of their performance of Dry Bones was a guest appearance from this skeleton made especially for television that danced to the song. See the epilogue below.

The Continentals performing their rendition of Noah’s Ark and watching for the impending flood

A more serious side of the program with the latter part consisting of patriotic hymns and Christian songs

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EPILOGUE: When the program finished its live airing on KHOF-TV there was a youth board meeting that occurred immediately afterwards. The videotape that was scheduled to be reran in the next few days was confiscated and prohibited from being rebroadcast. While costumes and hair styles factored into the decision most likely the dancing skeleton would have been considered far too radical for the day and probably tipped the scales towards the decision to ban the replay. Several years later, however, the quarantine was lifted and the program reran many times.

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